The Chessmen Club of the North Shore

— By Shorefront staff An organization of service, like others before and after, came to life from the concerns of two community members, Andrew (Andy) Rodez and William (Bill) Logan, Jr. These two high school friends who shared similar lifelong experience, and later both followed their carrers as police officers, ... Read More

The Toppers Club of Evanston, Illinois

— By Salome Perry Young (founder) — At a time when the United States was still recovering from the Great Depression, everyday lives were characterized by a blend of optimism and pessimism. A nucleus of ambitious, energetic and optimistic young Black college-level women came together in 1938 to share in common ... Read More

The Norshore Twelve, Inc. 12 Men, 31 Years of Service

In the home of the Hunter family one evening in 1950, Jack Moss and a group of friends gathered for dinner and discussions. These discussions became more focused on improving the quality of life in the Evanston community. After several dinners at the Hunter’s home, one question became the spark ... Read More