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Products and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

—By Dino Robinson While William Twiggs was a locally, and historically well documented businessman and an active member of several organizations, little has been mentioned about his wife, Martha Twiggs. Family decedents mention that she had a home-based business, selling wigs for women made from natural hair first at Oak ... Read More
Janice Kingslow

From the Shorefront Archives #003

Janice Kingslow: Refusing to Pass By Dino Robinson — Often, researchers at Shorefront ask the question, “What was going on at this time?” when they come across incidents relating to their research topics. Sometimes, we fall into the trap of applying today’s thoughts to yesterday’s events that can lead to ... Read More

The “First” Colored Boy Scouts, Evanston, Illinois

By Dino Robinson — I have learned to be careful with the use of “firsts”. In early historical research, I naively and often used the term “first” in local history. What I know now is that continued research often uncovers contradictions. While I would like to mention a first here, ... Read More