Shorefront Update #011

2018 has been a significant year for Shorefront. Outreach, programming, recognition and special projects has kept Shorefront’s boards busy. Our activities throughout the year has expanded our impact on both a local and national platform. Shorefront founder, Dino Robinson, has been a strong advocate on the importance of independent community ... Read More

Reflections on Shorefront

— By Katherine D’Antico I was fortunate enough to discover Shorefront through a recommendation from Dominican University professor. The professor thought Shorefront would be a good candidate for my practicum since it was in my hometown, Evanston, IL. I did not realize this archival repository was within walking distance down ... Read More

William H. Gill: Publisher, Businessman, Churchman, Public Servant

—by Rhonda K. Craven By the early 1900s, Evanston’s black community was well established, with three growing churches, a variety of individuals owning their own businesses, children attending the local schools, families owning and living in homes in different neighborhoods, and thriving social organizations. Some original settlers, dating as early ... Read More

The Nile Club—The Social Evolution of a Black Veritas

— By Spencer Jourdain . . . Throughout his college years, Edwin B. Jourdain Jr. (Gint) enjoyed engaging in every aspect of university life available to a black student. He loved to attend the university orchestra and glee club concerts, carefully storing away the events’ ticket stubs, and was a ... Read More