Evanston Newsette


Internship at the Shorefront Legacy Center

— By Elizabeth Sanderson I came to archive at Shorefront under the suggestion of Benn Joseph, the professor at my archiving class at Dominican University. Dino Robinson, Shorefront’s founder, was very approachable and informative and I greatly enjoy working for him. His personal knowledge of the growing collection continues to amaze ... Read More
Janice Kingslow

From the Shorefront Archives #003

Janice Kingslow: Refusing to Pass By Dino Robinson — Often, researchers at Shorefront ask the question, “What was going on at this time?” when they come across incidents relating to their research topics. Sometimes, we fall into the trap of applying today’s thoughts to yesterday’s events that can lead to ... Read More

Carrie Crawford Smith’s “Back Door Leadership”. . .

. . . and the Smith Employment Agency, 1918-1954; Connecting Domestic Help with Chicago’s North Shore’s Wealthiest Clientele by Doria Dee Johnson— A wealthy white woman phoned the Smith Employment Agency frustrated that none of her “help” worked out—the domestic labor she hired seemed to turnover after short stays. Her ... Read More