Emerson Street YMCA

Twentieth Century Golf Club

—By Dino Robinson Dr. Joseph Howard, intent on gathering people who had a love for golf, sent out letters to various community members in request for a meeting. The resulting meeting on April 4, 1948 led to the organization of the Evanston Golf. Its purpose was to promote and stimulate ... Read More

William H. Twiggs: Early Pioneer

—By Dino Robinson What makes a man a jewel in his community? Is it wealth, connections, or is it a firm commitment to his community? William H. Twiggs proved that it is what you do for your community that counts. His dedication to community had been immortalized for eternity with ... Read More

Evanston: An Early North Shore African American Community

— Short Series — The growth of the African American communities in Chicago’s suburban North Shore was unique. Instead of first settling in Chicago, most early settlers came directly to these North Shore communities. Evanston was and still is the longest stable community dating back to 1855.  Its growth would ... Read More