Black History

Fellowship of Afro-American Men: Inspiring the Young

—By Dino Robinson A few good men were all it took to organize, inspire and mentor more than 4,000 youth on the north shore. Ten men got together in 1967 and formed the Fellowship of Afro-American Men (FAAM) to provide a needed outlet for youth in the community when the ... Read More

Big Momma and ‘dem” Made Their Way to Cook and Clean . . .

—By Doria Johnson America is known as a country of suburbs, and the evolution of them during the 20th century is usually thought of in terms of elite, white enclaves. Some were industrial suburbs, which attracted factory and unskilled laborers. Some were, like Evanston, known as ‘domestic service suburbs’, which ... Read More

Henry Butler and The American Dream

—By Carol Lems-Dworkin Mary Butler died in the room in which I sleep every night. And it is here that Henry Butler, according to the account of his grand niece, Christine Dodson, asked everyone to leave before closing the bedroom door to be alone with his wife as she left ... Read More