Wednesday Night Bridge Group Now Includes Men!

—By Janet Alexander Davis Change is one of the constant experiences we all will face during our lives, and change has come to an all women’ s bridge group which started around 60 years ago, The Wednesday Night group has been in existence for more than 60 years. Back then, ... Read More

Eleanor J. Frazier Moore: Embraced Grace, and Culture

—By Dino Robinson For eleven years, in a setting of grace, charm, and beauty, the Norshore Twelve, Inc. played host to its annual cotillion to formally present the Debutante’s of the year. This event attracted hundreds, within the African American community in Evanston and on the north shore, to the ... Read More

Lake Ivanhoe, Revisited

—By Janet Alexander Davis   One of the great advantages of growing older is that you live long enough to remember the memorable moments in your life. I have recently been in contact with a person whose Father was a great friend of my Father. They shared a passion for ... Read More