Shorefront Memories #003

Football team at Foster Field c1930s

Football team at Foster Field c1930s

Football team at Foster Field c1930s

Shorefront loves receiving historic photos . . . with names attached! The above photo, courtesy of Pamela Barber, is of a football team based in Evanston, Illinois at Foster Field c1930. What is missing is the name of the team.

#      Name

1     “Babe” Smith
3     “Blue” Wharton
4     “Bo” Wideman
5      Tom Butler
6     “Spit” Lee
7      Phil Jackson
8      Wilbur Turman
17    Madison Doram
10    Dick Morris
11    Jack Perrin
12    L.C. Pertiller
13    Herman Warren
2      Louis English
14   “Fat” Gaines
15    Carl Brown
16   “Hawk Eye”
18    Sam Lankford
—     James Holiday
20    Bill Holiday
—   “Peanut’s”

#      Name

9      Chuck Price
—     Herb Lafoone – Coach
—     Edwin B. Jourdain, Jr.
—     Chuck Fischer
—     Abe Harmon
—     Bill Trapp
—     Nick Butler
63    Joe Davis
27    Spurgeon Pringle
26    Willie Whiteside
64    Wardell Sutton
14    —
49    Bill Logan
77    Chuck Griffin
—     Wade Pertiller
—    “Fotch”
—     George Gaines
—    “Zeph” Balley
—     Duke Shorter
—     Sam White

Of note are two names that have been mentioned in previous articles:

What names do you see here that you can contribute to the collective history? Comment below.

UPDATE:  The football team name is The Wolverines. Thanks to Netra Warren the former wife of Herman Warren, Jr. (his father is #13).


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